Automotive Locksmithing is Open Sesame’s Bread and Butter. We can cut any key, reprogram it to any car, sometimes we don’t even need to be present at the car to make it happen.

We have over 20 years of experience cutting keys for cars. Lockouts are not even something we care to talk to about. Don’t get us wrong, we love taking care of our customer and getting them back on their way if they are experiencing an automotive lockout in Atlanta. However, we have so much expertise around cutting and programming keys, this is where we want to focus and let you the customer know how passionate we are about it.

Programming Keys

We can program keys for any make and model. Yes I said any make and model. If you call us and we say we can’t do it, then chances are nobody in Atlanta can do it. We have cut and programmed keys for over 1000 types of different cars. We have services over 10000 customers, just by cutting and programming keys alone.

Programming keys is not new to us, nor do we ever get outdated when it comes to the software required for us to do our job. We always keep our software up to date, so we can cut the newest models that nobody else has the ability. Now when it comes to price, the more common your car is the lower the price will be. If you have a very exotic car, it’s going to be expensive. But don’t worry, nobody can do it except for us.

Cutting Keys

We can cut keys, from regular steel keys, to tibbe cut high security keys. We can cut Mercedes Keys, Porsche Keys, you name it we can cut it. If you just need a duplicate, give us a call and we can meet somewhere that we agree on, and we will cut you a duplicate key at a reasonable price.

If you need an all new key, because you lost yours or it was stolen, we can do that as well. We have many ways of finding out what the keys, codes are and how we need to cut a key. This is simple to us as we have been doing it for so long.

If you would like to schedule any type of Atlanta automotive locksmith job, give us a call at 855-321-OPEN.