How to Fix a Car Door Lock Stuck in Lock Position

If you find yourself in the position of having your car door stuck in the locked position, this guide will hopefully remedy your situation.


The first step toward fixing the lock is to diagnose what exactly is causing the lock to be stuck. The Atlanta locksmiths at Open Sesame have experience in diagnosing issues like this. There is no one solution for every case, so it is good to know everything to look at when diagnosing a stuck lock.

Faulty Connections

The most common case of a door being stuck in the lock position is because of faulty or broken connections. There are several connections that connect to the door latch. They are the door handle, the door lock cylinder, and the interior locking post/switch. If any of these are not properly connected to the door latch it could cause the lock to get stuck. If this is the case, the bad connections must either be reconnected or replaced. To do this, you must remove the panel from the door and troubleshoot which of the connections is the one to be repaired/replaced.

Interference Another thing to look for when diagnosing an car door lock stuck in the lock position is some type of interference. Rust and dirt can build up in the lock assembly and block it from functioning correctly. Broken parts from the inside of the door can do this as well. Also be sure to check the keyway to ensure no foreign objects are blocking the key from being entered correctly. Again, to check if the issue is interference, you will need to remove the interior door panel and take a close look at the lock assembly/door handle parts. If there is any dirt or rust then you will need to clean this as much as possible. You should also add some lubricant to see if that loosens any rusted parts and allows proper functionality.

Car Body Damages In the case of a car accident, it is possible that the damage inflicted to the door, if any, either broke the lock or is causing it to not function correctly. In this scenario you could try the same methods as above and open the door panel up to try and fix whatever is broken or blocked. These cases are sometimes more difficult and can require the use of a professional locksmith. In this case just call the Atlanta locksmiths at Open Sesame and let us handle everything. We are very experienced in the repair and replacement of car door locks.

Call a Locksmith If the door is proving too much trouble for you, remember that you can always call a professional. The locksmiths at Open Sesame will be more than happy to help you fix any issues with your car door lock that you may have. Our technicians have much experience in this area and can get your lock fixed and have you moving on with your day in no time.