Open Sesame offers Commercial Locksmith Services. We can come into your place of business and install whatever type of lock you need. We provide custom solutions that fit any commercial install solution.

Atlanta Commercial Locksmith Rekeys

If you have a simple store front in a shopping mall or any commercial building that has a metal frame door with glass panelling, and are in need of a re-keying your locks: then Open Sesame is who you should call. We have experts waiting on standby to come in and install new locks for you in no time.

We will also save you money over the other guys. Our services are not overpriced as we know this job is quick and easy. Only time we will charge more than $100 for a simple cylinder rekey is if actual metal work or wood work needs to be done to install a lock. If any prefabricating needs to happen, then that will take a bit more time and will cause the price to go up.

Atlanta Commercial Locksmith Installs

Commercial Installs are the biggest jobs that we tackle. No matter the size of the job, Open Sesame will scope out the job with whoever is in charge, and make sure everyone is on the same page before we begin work.

Once work begins, we always make sure to be as quick and clean as possible. We know that sometimes we need to work around business that are still open. This means we need to watch out for customers as they come in and out of a storefront. We also need to have customer service towards those customers, and treat them as if they were our own customers. Open Sesame treats all our customers with the utmost respect and curtesy.

If you would like to give us a call to schedule some commercial locksmith work, give us a call at 855-321-OPEN.