Atlanta Locksmith

Your Neighborhood Locksmith Service

  1. Atlanta Car Lockouts. We can unlock any Car.
  2. Can cut keys for Any Vehicle.
  3. Residential or Commercial re-keys, installations and more...
  4. Atlanta Fleet Locksmith work is available for any type of vehivle.
  5. We can program any type of Proxy Keys or Remote Keys


Atlanta residential locksmith work. We can do rekeys, replacements, lockouts, and more.


Our technicians can rekey commercial locks, have experience with security systems, and do door and lock installations for commercial properties.


Experienced automotive technicians. We can cut new keys for any vehicle, and can program all Proxy and Remote Keys. Also can do lockouts for any vehicle.

Professional Locksmith Services in Atlanta

Atlanta Locksmith services offered in by Open Sesame. We strive to take care of our customers wherever that may take us. Give us a call at 855-321-OPEN to schedule and appointment.

How to Fix a Car Door Lock Stuck in Lock Position

Car door lock stuck in the lock position? Call Open Sesame and we will have it fixed in no time. Our professionals have fixed many types of doors. No matter the issue, give us a call and we can help.